Why Is Steve Bannon So Misunderstood?

What he wants for America is very simple

Lucy M.
6 min readOct 23, 2021


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Steve Bannon needs no introduction. He is arguably the brains behind the MAGA movement— a banner we have all come to appreciate is simply a fundraising vehicle.

But make no mistake, Steve Bannon is not here to waste anybody’s time, he deals heavily in the business of providing simple answers.

Let’s explore;

What Steve Bannon hopes for America is simple — the expression of the undiluted will of a group of people he calls the silent majority. He insists that it is he and he alone who understands the political will of these people.

He also believes that this group of people is heavily cushioned by their first amendment rights and as such can and should do whatever they damn well please without any fear of consequences.

Bannon’s anti—pluralist sentiments tell another one of his convictions; Only a movement like his has the right to choose representatives. All other contenders for power are illegitimate.

Steve Bannon also harbors an apocalyptic worldview that encourages him to deeply detest the establishment who he proclaims will be the eventual casualties of a supposedly impending and unstoppable wave of populism triumphing everywhere, that will take out elites one by one like falling dominoes.

What he conveniently excludes from the theories he spins directly into the brains of those who have bought into MAGA, is that his isn’t a neutral description of reality — it’s all rhetoric and that’s all there is to it.

When it comes to hyperbole, Steve Bannon is a class act— and he can’t help but be one because that's populism 101.

See populists can’t fundamentally be anti-establishment, their movement amounts to nothing unless mainstream politicians give credibility to their case.

Populists will never form a government. Their main goal is to influence political parties — which explains all the bullying, and chest-thumping going on at the GOP and at MAGA rallies.

Their perceived strength is just a facade.



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