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Trump Knock-offs So Brazen

Let’s analyze ‘organized interests’

Lucy M.
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Generations of satisfied people rarely leave their home countries to restart their lives from scratch in foreign ones. They move in search of one, or all of the seven core freedoms of UDHR.

Despite its tainted history, privatized healthcare, mass shootings on the daily, and other hardships, the United States tops the list of places to be. This was according to a UN survey from 2020 based on international migration stocks derived from population registers.

The immigrants that come to America are built differently. Most are magical thinkers plagued by a great deal of possessive individualism.

Most happen to come from those areas where you’re likely to see the phenomenon of clean houses but dirty streets. This is because they’re socialized to believe that they owe nothing to the communities around them.

Oh, and make no mistake, they’re here for the money. As individuals, they hope to feel unrestrained — and they are for the most part — in their quest to exchange their goods and services in the open market.

Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy are the best of them. It’s probably why everything they say sounds like they’re reading from the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

The Problem

Individualism in America is used as a tool by conservatives to hurt the most vulnerable in our society. Think of how they promote limited government to justify cutting back on social programs or some of their efforts to curtail free enterprise through protectionist rhetoric.

The rate at which immigrant minorities and their kin are joining far-right movements is unprecedented.

It’s believed that the allure of right-wing politics stems from the presence of authoritarian influences in their native countries and sometimes the authoritarian impulses exercised on them by parents and guardians growing up.



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