Trump, an American President with an African Toolbox.

He must be a student of African politics because he bears all the earmarks of an African ‘leader’.

Lucy M.
3 min readNov 30, 2020


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After the election Of Barack Obama, I can’t help but think Americans are developing a fondness for leaders with some ‘African’ in them. Welcome to the motherland, America.

I love politics. Unlike many who read into it through an emotional lens, I have dug myself out of that hole, and so should you.

Developing countries have for years been dealing with what is going on now in the land said to be flowing with ‘milk and honey’ — emotional politics.

Never has there been a time in recent memory like this one. The republicans are almost an extension of Trump’s arm or a personification of the man himself. Whatever he says drives them into an emotional puddle that they cannot climb out of and when they attempt to, he says something else and they continue to wallow in it some more, stuck — albeit forever.

Never has there been a time in American history where political battle lines were drawn so deep into people's emotions. While victimizing himself, Trump plays an emotional card that compels his base to come to his rescue. Abandoning democracy, truth, and reality.

While people have labeled developing countries as ‘poor’ and ‘weak’, this is what has been ailing them. They have leaders like Trump who continually poke holes into their democracy. Refusing to concede defeat is usually one of the tools in their arsenal.

In fact, we’ve seen political stalemates in some countries which conclude with two sitting presidents. One who is democratically elected and the other who believes he was democratically elected — well, self-appointed for the luck of a better word. The comedy!

People in developing countries have no trust in their own systems so, by extension, democracy doesn’t count. The truth doesn’t stand a chance when people buy into lies. They just don’t care what it is. Trump has truly borrowed a leaf. He is indeed a student of African politics.


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