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Tim Scott Bowed Out Of A Race He was Never In, To Begin With😂

Lucy M.
3 min readNov 20, 2023


Oh boy!

Photo Credit: The Daily Wire

Tim Scott is the pleasant-looking fellow (pictured far right), and amiable dunce who first campaigned across South Carolina as a proud 30-year-old virgin unabashed about his Evangelical Christian faith and steadfast devotion to God’s commandments. By his own admission, that abstinence pledge has not survived his political career.

Nonetheless, it’s the end of the line for Tim Scott. He’s bowed out of a presidential nomination race he was never in, to begin with. But what can we say? He threw in with a tough crowd.

With a straight face, he was able to pretend that the GOP could make a man of his profile the president. This guy is known to be so even-tempered, he wouldn’t flinch if Trump pointed to him and said, ‘There’s my African American’. Talk about knowing your place.

Tim Scott believes he has the right to be on the Right, despite choosing a Party that has little alliance with people of color, and rightly so.

He swears he hasn’t lost his blackness and to demonstrate this he hijacked media attention during the height of the George Floyd protests to share his own vanilla story about a traffic stop, although we all knew he fits the profile that gets randomly stopped on the highway and shot.

He’s mighty big on waddling such short distances ☝️to the bank.

Apart from advocating for policies that would revert this country back to its dark days of Jim Crow(to stay relevant), his last-ditch effort to appeal to the traditional conservative types who would never cast a vote for the senior bachelor that he is, was to parade around hand in hand with a blonde.

Ah, I love love.🤣

Photo Credit: The New York Times

But all things remaining equal, Tim Scott is one of those exceptional black men, who happens to be locked in step with the racists who voted for him for saying that racism doesn’t exist. What’s even more fascinating than his attacks against his community, is how well he embodies the token.

If you ever needed a great example of how much race can hold you back, look no further than Tim Scott. He’s spent the majority of his years in public service on his belly, raising his head routinely to the sight of yet another dirty boot. My gut tells me he is admired by many fewer than a majority of Americans.

In the end, Senator Scott’s decision to step down from the presidential nomination must have been difficult, but it was the right decision for him.



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