Opinion: Vivek Ramaswamy's take on White Supremacists & The KKK

Those Numb To Racism Immigrants

Hold on, there’s a catch

Lucy M.
4 min readSep 5, 2023


Nothing could have prepared me for the realities of what my university experience turned out to be. Not only did it become the first time I got interested in lazy political commentary, but it was the first time I would come into contact with Asians in the flesh, as a Statistics and Actuarial Science Major.

Aside from the joys of appreciating how beautiful they all were — inside and outside might I add — the complexities of trying to identify the ones I wanted to make my friends quickly compounded, as it became apparent how often a sizable proportion would refute generalized demographic statistics that didn’t favor them.

‘… doesn’t apply to us.’

In the weeks that followed my second semester, I made it a mission to discover what affirmed the humanity of some of my classmates and dorm mates who came from different backgrounds.

I created a survey titled What makes you/ your family better than average in your neighborhood of __(hash magash)__?

Although I had personally handed out the questionnaires to each of them, my plan was to further shrink the sample size to the handful of opinionated bastards who I knew would be eager to give me a piece of their minds.

The results of my survey were simple and all based on tally;

What Affirms Humanity on the African Continent & to Africans? Higher education and healthcare (Obamacare Anyone?)

What affirms Humanity in a majority Muslim country? Religion

What Affirms Humanity in India & to Indians? The Caste System

What affirms humanity in America and to Americans? Their collective struggle for human rights

Conclusion: Most immigrants (new generations included) have had their humanity affirmed in some way long before they land on these shores. They’re hardly here to join the struggle.

Enter Vivek Ramaswamy

A Presidential hopeful who is anti-diversity, anti-immigration, anti-environment, anti-gender equality, anti-national…



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