The Politics of Rationalizing Death From Covid-19

For some, the vaccine managed to blur the lines between politics, personal responsibility, and patriotism

Lucy M.
6 min readJul 28, 2021


The Politics COVID-19 Martyrdom The vaccine managed to blur the lines between politics, personal responsibility, and patriotism for some
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Vaccine hesitaters are hardly a monolith, they’re a diverse group with many reasons for choosing to avoid vaccination. The focus of this article is on those that are exercising resistance to government interventions of vaccine distribution thanks to their political affiliation and intentional disinformation. The focus is on those who now see the vaccine as government overreach and a violation of their personal freedoms, the ones that are happy to die to prove a point — the Covid-19 Martyrs.

It was a brief moment of national pride when the vaccine was developed in record time thanks to the efforts of then-president Donald Trump in conjunction with operation Warp Speed. America got a much-needed vaccine that was going to wipe out the coronavirus in record time — or so we thought.

The vaccine was first made available to frontline workers and the elderly, but some could not wait to get a piece of the action, they found clever ways to guarantee they got the jab — whatever it was. Besides, the virus had proven to be deadly and had literally shut down the entire world.

A lot of us were vaccine skeptics at the beginning by our own admission. The virus had been developed too soon in our understanding thanks to the hundreds of studies that were suddenly made available to us proving that great vaccines took years to develop. But as more and more information kept being released about this vaccine — from credible sources linked to its actual trial, research and development, many chose to simply trust the science.

Distrust of Donald Trump as a non-forgiveness asking, bible misquoting, vile mouthed **** grabber, and self-professed tax evader (all the categories that would count to disqualify him), hardly affected many people’s decision as to whether or not they should get the vaccine — he was simply not a factor. Besides, he would soon be infected with the virus, get hospitalized and secretly vaccinated then later emerge behind a podium in the Whitehouse looking as strong as a horse.



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