Opinion: Western media Vs Soft Aristocracy

The British Monarchy is Quite Shameless

Media celebration of soft autocracy didn’t go unnoticed either

Lucy M.
2 min readSep 21, 2022


The media’s celebration of soft autocracy didn’t go unnoticed either
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The myth about a god-chosen King or Queen died with Elizabeth about a week ago today.

That myth is hopefully safely buried somewhere under the ground, never to see the light of day ever again.

We can safely conclude that absolute power in the proportions enjoyed by the British Monarchy can only be taken, because how else do you explain King Charles III’s inability to use a fountain pen?

But did something happen to the quality of genius blood while we weren’t looking?

This didn’t use to be it.

It came as a surprise to many that ALL of Elizabeth’s subjects, acquiescent and colonized, were expected to mourn her favorably, but more importantly, participate in the heavily choreographed public mourning that ensued in the days that followed.

The media encouraged it, and arrests were made to make the point, but thanks to a greatly reduced appetite for autocratic power, not everyone had the stomach for the pageantry.

The ways in which the British Monarchy continues to expect that history will be ignored in service to them is truly the stuff of legend.

To expect that students of history and the unwilling subjects they colonized will honor monarchs in life and death is a plain stretch.

Sure, to some the crown has rightfully paid reparations, to many others it still owes, but the degree of psychosis suffered by the people who run this con is one of demented proportions.

The absurdity of it all was captured in the way Neo-Colonial governments responded to her death, some even declaring a few days of public mourning against the wishes of their citizens.

It is to be noted that bread crumb diplomatic tokens are bestowed to these less-well-to-do Member States of the vainglorious social club called The Commonwealth of Nations, to maintain the status quo.




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