Opinion: inside Ron DeSantis’ boots

Ron DeSantis, A Phony From Head to Toe

Dressing a fascist👌

Lucy M.
3 min readNov 15, 2023


Photo Credit: pbs.twimg.com

Dressing well is another form of communication, so for politicians, it’s something they have to do. It just so happens that the crop of wannabe fascists in this country would be the ones to make the poorest of sartorial choices to render themselves some of the worst dressed.

Take the case of the old bird Rudy Giuliani, whose bottom teeth can be excused for looking like road-worn Chiclets, pictured below looking like someone dropped a machete on his feet.

Photo credit: i.redd.it

But somehow it’s Ron DeSantis’ sense of style that seems even more outrageous. His lapse in communication seems to extend all the way down to the curling toe area of his boot.

Photo credit: The Telegraph

A total of three expert shoemakers have legitimized the speculation to Politico that he could very well have sized up his lift-stuffed ‘off-the-rack’ Lucchese boots since he debuted a new slate of ill-fitting western footwear on the campaign trail earlier this year.

The guy probably wears cowboy boots for the same reason a lot of men do. They’re comfortable, sexy as a.f, and are touted for their incredible arch support. The problem however is that he prefers to verbally adjust his previously reported height of approximately 5′9", to 5′11" because he feels that height is important for his image.

And because he’s denied stuffing his boots with lifts, the best I can do for him is presume he’s been parading around in the modern equivalent of chopines. His appearance on Bill Maher couldn’t have made that more obvious.

By his own estimation, Ron DeSantis is a tiny little man — I hate to imagine the size of his feet. The very fact that his boots curl up to the extent they…



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