Opinion: Enrique Tario’s 22 years

Not Everyone ‘Deserves’ To Be White, Actually

A gentle reminder to those immigrant minority misfits on the right

Lucy M.
4 min readSep 13


The story is told about a man who almost suffered Enrique Tarrio’s fate; an Austrian with brown eyes and black hair who had this idea that the master race was comprised of a group of people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Enrique Tarrio is yet another example of why you never bind logical constraints to hate, and terrorism.

We’re living in truly unprecedented times. More than ever before in our history, more people wish to be white, want to lay claim to whiteness or strive for proximity whiteness.

Such was the case of Afro-Cuban Enrique Tarrio who accepted a position as head honcho of the hate group Proud Boys in what many have come to realize was a symbiotic relationship by design.

His appointment would serve as an attempt for the Proud Boys to re-brand — They hoped Enrique’s image would muddy the debate about the group's involvement with known white supremacists.

Enrique on the other hand, would stand to realize every immigrant minority’s dream — that of being acknowledged and befriended by members of white society.

Much is being said about Enrique Tarrio’s hue now that he’s been sentenced, so let’s talk about it.


If you’ve never been to Miami, watch Cuba Libre for some ideas. Better yet, next time you’re there, try asking this nicely;

Question to pale Cuban: “Are you Cuban?”

Most likely answer: “I’m Cuban, but my (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, etc.) is from Spain” (aka White European)

Question to Afro — Cuban: Are you Black?

Most likely Answer: “I no black, I Cuban!”. (aka with direct roots to white Europeans)

It’s like a song, you’ll love it.

Miami is one of those places. By rough estimation, 65% of taxi drivers are illegals with no driver's licenses or auto insurance, and can barely speak Inglés. These are your economic immigrants.



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