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Netanyahu Quotes Holy Bible —The Most Dangerous Document Ever Compiled

The case of the casual Israelite

Lucy M.
2 min readNov 12, 2023


The Bible is the most dangerous book ever written …. keep it under lock and key.“ — George Bernard Shaw

There is a nobler version of Christianity that affirms the sacred mystery of equality and forbids the glaring futility and folly of vengeance. But colonialists the world over appear to have only popularized its lethal alternative from the perspective of the victims.

This more popular version of Christianity has for its emblem a gibbet, for its chief sensation sanguinary execution after torture, and for its central mystery, an insane vengeance bought off by a trumpery expiation.

The whole tenor of the religion is a violent and untimely death — it’s no wonder why so many Christians are afraid to die. In their Holy Bible, many people are killed either directly by god or by others under his direction. Somewhere along the line, those who interpret the Bible are free to take up the role of god himself.

Warfare itself is presented as a special category. Its greatest hits can be found from Genesis through to Joshua. A special section titled ‘Judges’ has tempted many to compile a top ten list, but a great difficulty is presented by the many honorable mentions.

The genocidal campaigns claimed for the early Israelites in the Holy Bible defeat common sense, not only for their intrinsic inconsistencies, improbabilities, and incompatibility (Joshua) with other accounts but also, in the way we would expect ‘another’ miraculous intervention for the current group by a mysterious ‘something’ peeping down from the clouds.️

But the sheer influence of it should not be underestimated, and neither should it be abused. Today, even the heathen is being forced to cheerlead for the death of innocent people in a supposed holy land.😔

The literal referencing of the Holy Bible as a moral touchstone is widely acknowledged to be textbook disingenuous behavior, but what do you know? It’s only sweet Bibi who cannot help himself. He’s been liberally quoting from the war — affirming pages.

The generalized understanding by modern-day theologians is that it takes a certain Holy Ghost’s tutoring to learn how to interpret the document. It’s apparent that no such entity has had a chance to teach this guy anything. If we are to see an end to the disproportionate sucker punching, we must find a way to put Netanyahu’s copy under lock and key.

The other sure way would be for Joe Biden to go, “Ceasefire B*tch!”

PS: I thought they read from a different text over there. I was starting to learn Hebrew.😁



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