Opinion: White Supremacy Abroad

Mexicans / Muslims Made White Supremacy Expensive & Unsustainable

Gah, aren’t we overly fixated

Lucy M.
3 min readDec 8, 2023


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The average Westerner will pretend to wanna believe that Mexicans and Muslims are anything other than what our biased media makes them out to be.

Most are deeply convinced that if these people weren’t dealing drugs, extorting businesses, flying planes into buildings, or ‘blessed’ with oil quite frankly, they’d all be cleaning toilets in the famous words of one, Donald Trump.

Some in that group also prefer to withhold titles like ‘criminal genius’ to avoid hinting at a level of intellectual sophistication. To them, a regular bowel movement can only be brought about by sticking labels on foreigners and minorities like, ‘pathological liars on a path of least resistance’.

The theories that were spun about white supremacy did us no good. They created deep divisions in our society and politics with the casual white supremacists on the right imagining themselves being ‘overall better’ than everyone else, and the white saviors on the left who believe they know better than minorities.

The only thing that seems to bring us together these days are Mexicans and Muslims in our presumptive understanding that we’re the superior group.

White Supremacy Abroad

We’re made to understand that eons ago, European pseudo-historians cum pseudo-scientists were sent to foreign lands to study the others. These con artists would conduct the exercise much like you would a lab specimen.

Without the relevant language abilities that would make interpersonal interactions a possibility, they returned to stock our libraries and museums chock full of cultural shorthand and artifacts that bred distilled suspicion of strangers.

They hammered those narratives long enough for minorities to internalize them and the rest of society to subconsciously subjugate them. You find the truly vile among us will go one step further to clarify the concepts of oppression back to the oppressed because that is how much they love to hear the sound of their own voice.

“Until the lion learns how to…



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