Opinion: Trump in Georgia Election Case

Let’s Now Fabricate Election Victory

With minds like these, who needs elections?

Lucy M.
2 min readAug 22


When Columbus sailed the oceans, he sought a place he could make money quickly and more easily. When he found it, he sold little girls as comfort women, murdered natives, and forced Christianity on many others. He exaggerated the successes of his trips overseas to gain funding and was celebrated for his ability to manipulate the truth to get what he really wanted.

To this day, we continue to celebrate Thanksgiving —that fictitious event that credits his people for making friends with Natives, while knowing full well about his use of murder and trickery to push them out of their land.

We’ve continued to find homogeneity more comfortable than diversity because we are taught about our right to bear arms in our schools instead of being taught acceptance and tolerance.

We’re continually gob-smacked with ideas of how we’re the ‘est est’ of every good word in the dictionary, while states continue to roll back voting rights and acutely gerrymander.

Did America ever leave square one?

Which brings us to the general election of 2020. Trump and his flunkeys are reported to have known he’d lost. The vote wasn’t even close, but they saw nothing wrong with obsequiously trying to steal it.

If things are as they seem, the Republican Party is poised to make him their Presidential nominee come 2024.

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As this country attempts to take the first step in a real direction, it’s time we started thinking about who we want to be from here on out.

Because who we are is starting to hurt us.



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