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It’s a Great Time To Be a Blonde-Haired Blue-Eyed Refugee

And Europe is spoiled for choice

Lucy M.
3 min readMar 8, 2022


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I’m firmly against the elevation of ‘white’ Refugees above all others because it’s kind of nonsense.

Difficult to imagine that the psychological trauma suffered isn’t a reality of any other refugee who would need a little help.

Putin has invaded Ukraine, and although selective amnesia will allow western media to act shocked at the unprecedented reality of war in Europe, the continent has been the epicenter of the deadliest forms of human conflict.

After Europe took a much-needed hiatus from its bloody wars a few decades ago, Western media has had enough time to rework the narrative about what it means to have a war, and where it should happen.

For years now, they’ve presented a narrative that reeks of Eurocentric Bias — almost always explicitly implying, that there are certain economic and racial factors that deem a country worthy of conflict.

Their narrative has changed a tad since the invasion, and are now trying to convince us that ‘war’ has been ‘redefined’, and is no longer something that visits upon the impoverished remote corners of the uncivilized world.

In the same vein, they’re begging to elevate the status of the blonde-haired blue-eyed Ukrainian refugees, who they sanctimoniously label as ‘not obviously’ refugees, relatively civilized, relatively European, Christian, and look just like us.

They want us to care more about Ukrainian refugees because they’re white? They’re also cleverly using this narrative to make a case for why the west should get ‘involved’.

Western media has had its day. They’ve been in the business of weaving narratives that do a lot to shape perceived realism. Whiteness is also prime capital in their reporting — Is it just Putin who missed the memo?

I found this rhetorical edge to be a brazen stretch.

Framing whiteness, as a justification for why the west should consider escalations that could result in nuclear war, is not only dumb, it’s super dumb.



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