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Good Riddance To Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter Feed Chock-full of Verifiable Covid Lies

Scientists are happy to continue doing the ACTUAL work

Lucy M.
3 min readJan 4, 2022


Marjorie Taylor Greene should spare us her uneducated versions of vaccine truths. We heard enough of them in 2021 that ended up holding no water.
Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a scientist. She also appears to have no interest in, and likely no knowledge of the science behind the Covid vaccines.

She is at best a nincompoop who may or may not have completed her studies in virology at the University of limp Biz-kit whose accreditation is actual junk.

Nonetheless, she finds it appropriate to broadcast inaccurate, false, and outright made-up claims about the Covid vaccines in a manner that is extraordinarily irresponsible.

It would be hard to imagine verbiage that is more of a clear and present danger to public health than constant and deliberate disinformation dissemination, coupled with willful incompetence, being spewed by a person wearing the mantle of Nominal Authority.

Yet she remains committed to purposely setting her trusting following in direct opposition to any and all government plans to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic responsibly.

Unlike most in the GOP, Twitter is kind of done with her. Despite the high position she occupies at the US House of Representatives, the social media giant deemed her unworthy of access to widely distributed media on a platform such as theirs.

They’ve permanently banned her personal account. The decision came late but was nonetheless very welcome.

Nobody ever said vaccines were cures or perfect, only that they would help reduce an individual’s vulnerability (not eliminate it) to catching the virus in the first place, and make it much less likely that an individual would be affected severely if they got infected.

And this has been the case.

Given that we’re seeing more and more contagious and virulent strains that are primarily striking the unvaccinated, its performance is even more remarkable.

The ban must have come as a badge of honor to this servant of the far-right where nothing is considered a defeat.



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