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Elizabeth II; The Normalizing Face of Looting & Impunity

As granny, she also lacked the personal touch

Lucy M.
4 min readSep 20, 2022


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Point me to a hole in the ground in all of Britain where they mined some of the heavier diamonds that remain firmly glued to that crown, and I will show you to a leprechaun.

We’ve in the last few days, observed a section of the media make generalizations about how their nations felt after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Their elected officials also took time off to be sad about her demise, yet not a lot of glowing tributes or stories of adoration are being told about this woman who was such a great queen.

Sycophants of the monarchy are predictably not allowing people to feel how they want to feel, they’ve been attempting to tell others how to feel.

Their attempts to enforce civility and respectability politics in the face of people who’ve suffered the atrocities of British colonial rule are obviously ridiculous.

Their media attempted the impossible too; separating the person Elizabeth from the Crown.

Elizabeth’s reign as queen was older than the oldest African colony to gain independence.

Not only that, but most of those countries are younger than the grandparents there-in, who’ve lived long enough to tell tales of the sheer cruelty they suffered in her name.

Accurate and verifiable stories from people who outlived Elizabeth’s rule, inform us that British colonization under Elizabeth was indeed cruel.

The looting of natural resources, violence against native people, and finally bloodshed happened to real people, and some of it was at the direction of the now very dead Elizabeth.

Independence in some of these countries was won despite her attempts to stop it the old-fashioned way of detaining and killing dissenters.

The media shielded her reputation

The world is coming to the realization that people in power can only control and weave favorable…



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