Opinion: Student debt forgiveness

Dark Brandon Comes Through for Entitled Millennials

How many welfare programs does this country need?

Lucy M.
3 min readAug 31, 2022


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Oops! Conservatives have not been enjoying watching the dawdling milk toast neo-liberal going by Joe Biden suddenly turn Dark Brandon on them. They’ve pitched a fit over all of the fun coming out of the White House recently and it’s been thoroughly entertaining.

There are limits to what an American president can accomplish legislatively, but dark Brandon has thus far been unlimited and has a political strategy to match.

He’s decided he’s going to forgive student debt in the run-up to the midterms and use that as a political bargaining chip to try to win big. Although annoyingly predictable, it’s politically effective and it’s going to help out millions of Americans.

But he’s also realized he could never pull over policy-desensitized MAGA voters who can only be fired up to vote along the lines of whatever inane conspiracy theory.

He’s also carefully considered that despite them being a third of the country, the only way they’re able to compete against the lefties and the moderates who’ve refused to come together and completely crush them electorally, is because their leaders never stop talking, which makes MAGA a permanently energized base.

The way he’s decided to do it is to excite voters on his side. Unlike Joe Biden, he’s keen to be an aggressive advocate for good policy.

He’s brought the days of his Party’s abstemiousness and insistence on moderation and bipartisanship to a partial comatose, having realized there isn’t a viable way to negotiate and only shared interests could be exploited.

He knew better than to continue sitting in the White House wringing his hands over whether it’d be too radical to hand out government assistance to money-dumb-trailer-babies bereft of financial literacy.

He’s going to forgive student debt, cap those monthly payments, and finally make that a thing, the same way corporate handouts and subsidies have become the matter-of-fact way the already wealthy accrue more wealth directly from the government.



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