Opinion: Trump Removed from Ballot, in Maine

Booting Trump From The Ballot

His only foe was always the law

Lucy M.
4 min readJan 3, 2024


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Maga Republicans are about done getting ready the Sharpies they’ll need, to scrawl a flood of write-in protest votes for Donald Trump, should his name fail to appear on the ballot, unless, of course, SCOTUS slaps the 3rd Clause of the 14th Amendment back into the middle ages, in a 9–0 vote that would force his name to appear printed on said ballots.

Support for Trump remains particularly high among Second Amendment die-hards who now hate the 14th Amendment and hope to also argue against States’ rights to run elections, as well as the constitutional mandate bestowed upon some Secretaries of State, to summarily decide who can and can’t be included in their States’ ballot.

Granted, Trump has amply proven his brag that there’s nothing he can do to lose the loyalty of his base — Weren’t we all thoroughly entertained!— but at some point, we had to stop and think about what becomes the role of the citizenry in all this.

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The Citizenry: Clarence Thomas And His Buddies

Trump’s only foe has always been the law. It may interest you to know that the measures to keep Trump off the ballot were kick-started in a case that was brought on behalf of six Republicans et al, before the Colorado Supreme Court.

As more and more States make their entry into the foray, the U.S. Supreme Court will likely have to make a ruling now or kick the can down the road. Whatever the case, the constructionist bench will have to chew this bone on behalf of the entire country, and advise on two critical issues I believe;

  1. Whether or not Trump is going to be on the ballot

2. Whether Trump has complete immunity from his transgressions while president

To rule that Trump can be on the ballot in all 50 states, they will have affirmed the following;

That he did not take part in a televised insurrection, I mean a televised ‘thingy’



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