Opinion: Israel — Palestine Conflict

Bombing Peace & Democracy Into A Terrorist

Part 2: War for the sake of peace

Lucy M.
3 min readNov 4, 2023


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“Today nearly everything is made in China- except for courage, it’s made in Palestine.” — Anthony Bourdain (Parts Unknown)

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. Worse is the decayed state of moral and patriotic feelings, which can lead one to the belief that nothing is worth fighting for.

Although not always physical, violence in many ways is part and parcel of everyday life. The violence of human emotions also counts as violence. So do all pursuits towards the attainment of collective rights and personal freedoms.

When we project this individualized violence onto world peace, however, peace becomes an unattainable objective, and such is our world today. For peace is impossible without justice as its foundation.

Outside the United States, I have come to discover, that justice in many cases lies in the hands of demented individuals who are dirtier than hogs. People in positions of power who depend on turmoil to stay in power.

Peace is not accepted or loved by them. It is a reality that they simply cannot afford to consider.

Peace is for them less productive than the atmosphere of danger and war, even if it is artificially maintained.

A wall of iron sensors and concrete; Who knew such a wall existed?🤣 Photo Credit: The Times of Israel

Peace is not merely the absence of war

There is always a patch of earth somewhere, in active conflict. The mistake that billions of people make is to conflate the absence of overt conflict with peace.

If you are offered the peace of the yoke, your highest obligation becomes to reject it, as is clearly spelled out in international law. If you’re not willing to share, you must be prepared to defend. And if you are successful in your attempt, you will earn respite until the next challenge.



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