Opinion: Montogomery Riverside brawl

Attempted Lynching In Montgomery, Opps!

Old habits die hard

Lucy M.
2 min readAug 15, 2023


Oops! They did it again. It's rare when we get a front-row seat to witness where savagery really comes from — a bunch of ne’er-do-wells trying to put a black man back in a place of subjugation in a sort of festival of violence that draws in even their women.

See, Black people are expected to be the bigger person and turn the other cheek, so authorities rarely feel compelled to act — at least not immediately. All this stems from centuries of learned behavior.

Domestic terrorism in this country — i.e. lynchings were a show, a public spectacle that required the community involvement of children, judges, police officers, politicians, name them, all coming out to stand by and watch.

It goes without saying, that the impact that lynching has had on the Black community is profound. The lessons were learned and continue to be learned today; Nobody is coming to save them but themselves.

Some individuals somehow still believe that the color of their epidermis alone continues to put them somewhere above the rules, general decorum and allows them to act like literal wild animals.

I guess individuality is not exactly celebrated in small towns where people are expected to become one with the Borg, that’s fine and dandy, but what’s becoming a bad look is cosplaying open violence in a community that has a long history of normalized racist behavior.

Where was the alleged intelligence and superiority in all this? I surely missed it.

Note to racist self from here on out

Leave entitlement within the bounds of your property.

Black people are not monolithic. Avoid boat captains, most certainly Aquaman, the hat flipper, and chair-man.

A single black individual might appear vulnerable in your racist eyes, but you never know how many of them are hiding in the woodwork, ready to come out skipping — just for you.

The best thing your epidermis can do for you is prevent your internal organs from literally spilling out. So try to keep it intact, and don’t forget your sunscreen.


The memes were hysterical, the compilations even funnier but the absurdity of a mass barehand fight turning out to be relatively safe made me envision — just for a brief moment — A United States of America without all those guns. Where men provide each other the opportunity to earn respect, the traditional way.

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Pure bliss.



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