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Lucy M.
2 min readFeb 17, 2024


Photo Credit: USA Today

I got around to finally watching this interview, on (x 1.75).

Great yawn.

Historical contexts, although orthodox and well-known to historians become too demanding for the great peoples of the United States who are trained quite frankly, to mostly appreciate concise emotional soundbites dished out on the regular by our News Media.

As such, I could only arrive at one conclusion; Our above-average ability level to engage with Putin’s hilariously off-target view of millennia-ago Eastern European history was the main problem.

Blah Blah Blah …. Caterina the great of 1762? Give me a break.

Tucker Carlson seemed to have been the other mere mortal in the room who failed to invest any amount of time to investigate beforehand, what could have been happening before Columbus set sail.

He wasn’t prepared at all, and thus deserved every minute of that deliberately inaccurate hour-long history class, and the homework — took it like a champ.

If you weren’t aware of the degree of cheerleading that Tucker Carlson has done for Vladimir Putin…



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