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Here are some of his accomplishments the way his supporters see them

After Donald Trump told us all about what he likes to do when popularity polls don’t favor him, CPAC organizers decided to stroke his ego a little bit and conduct one right in the Republican Party backyard by conducting a straw poll at CPAC. The result was nothing short of astounding — I mean expected… 98% of respondents gave Donald Trump a positive approval rating while 70% said they would pick this guy if the 2024 Republican presidential primaries were held today.

Even more disturbing is that 26% said they would choose Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) — A Donald Trump…

He must be a student of African politics because he bears all the earmarks of an African ‘leader’.

Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash

After the election Of Barack Obama, I can’t help but think Americans are developing a fondness for leaders with some ‘African’ in them. Welcome to the motherland, America.

I love politics. Unlike many who read into it through an emotional lens, I have dug myself out of that hole, and so should you.

Developing countries have for years been dealing with what is going on now in the land said to be flowing with ‘milk and honey’ — emotional politics.

Never has there been a time in recent memory like this one. The republicans are almost an extension of Trump’s…


He is the face of the long-dead Black Underclass

Larry Elder is The Face of The Black Underclass He Denigrates He is hardly the face of Black Success
Photo by mwangi gatheca on Unsplash

There was a surprising turn of events last week when Larry Elder became a direct victim of racism, after claiming for years that White-on-Black racism wasn’t a legitimate issue.

Now the LAPD have nothing better to do but hunt for the egg thrower and her accomplices, who cut his march down Skid Row short when he’d gone there to prove a point.

He also did the one thing he asks all Black people NEVER to do — claim victimhood. He ran to Fox News, crying “They threw the egg at me because…” say it with me, “Because I’m Black”.



He called it Fox News

Photo by Simona Sergi on Unsplash

What Would St. Peter Say to Rupert Murdoch?

Here’s the needle…, and there’s the camel…Good luck!

In the UK and Australia, Rupert Murdoch is known to be a troublemaker. His extensive works on two continents paint him as nothing more than a sociopathic simpleton who harbors a revisionist worldview bordering on fascism and wealth accumulation.

The shrewd businessman also managed to hack the concept of journalistic integrity on those two continents in order to buy political power. He used his influence to then run scuzzy hit-pieces with the aim to overthrow well-liked leaders who didn’t placate his wanton greed.


Self Improvement

And hunger is not your enemy

Eating Is NOT a Virtue And hunger is not your enemy
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Please seek medical advice before implementing any parts of this article. A fellow writer requested that I write on this subject because she found my advice rather useful. They wanted me to share it, and I was happy to.

Food is a really sensitive topic nowadays, especially given that it has the potential to make our bodies and budgets large and unruly — not to mention the health consequences.

For the lucky few, hunger is a pretty straightforward topic. You’re hungry, you eat and that’s as simple as it gets.

But for many…

Because the War in Afghanistan was not a war of choice

I’ve been listening to a lot of shoulda coulda woulda on our airwaves recently about the situation in Afghanistan, but so far, I have not heard any meaningful argument stating that the fate of Afghanistan is somehow irrelevant to our national security.

It also starting to look like the Trump-Taliban Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan may not bring peace at all. Any notion that it could is cold comfort given the recent ISIS-K attacks that the untrustworthy jihadist outfit called the Taliban quickly chalked up to be the work of a rogue element of their outfit.

Despite all the…


And why does everyone think they’re incapable of running Afghanistan?

Talk about getting the job done, we’re finally out of Afghanistan. A country mired by war for close to 40 years — we only did only 20 if that is any consolation to anybody. Despite America pouring billions of dollars there every single month for two decades, Afghanistan still remains one of the poorest countries on the face of the earth.

Despite the massive expenditure, effort, and time that went into training the Afghan military, these individuals chose not to fight but to instead partake in a series of negotiated surrenders that were brokered in villages and provinces and which…


It’s a tough ministry for Mike Lindell

Conspiratorial thinking has long been an alternative way of how a section of American society chooses to interpret events in our politics, culture, and even religion.

The current political climate and a pandemic that won’t quit haven’t helped things much. In fact, millions of Americans took it upon themselves to try to find answers. A significant percentage of them resorted to doing it in this oddly familiar fashion.

They found comfort in the baroque theories spun by MAGA, an umbrella movement that has synthesized anti-vaxxers, quarantine refuseniks, paranoid subcultures, QAnon, Stop the Steal, and many others into a bizarre phenomenon.

Lucy M.

Lover of politics, history, life, and the occasional burger. Let’s Connect.

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