5 Reasons why you’re self-sabotaging yourself.

It’s time you held yourself accountable..

Lucy M.
3 min readJun 4, 2020


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Procrastinating a lot lately? Have you been prioritizing instant gratification? Always having the perfect excuse to avoid what needs to be done? If your answer is yes, to any of these questions then you are self-sabotaging.

These actions are subtle and at the time, they may even appear to calm you down and relax you. But as you continue practicing these habits you build bad habit patterns that may take a long time to break.

I have been here before, revising for school exams — that I had to take the next day, would take a back seat. I had always known what I needed to do, but for some reason I ended up doing other tasks of less importance.

I was an above average student, got good grades but just barely. I never had dedicated study hours, not even at university. Given my last-minute approach to studying, I never really specialized or found out what my passions and strengths were. I just got by.

Fast forward to when I got my first my job, it was fascinating the sheer number of people who seemed to have a clear idea of what they wanted to do in life, and there I was propagating my “luck-based” approach. Long story short, it wasn’t going so well.

Like me those days, here are a few reasons why you might be a self-sabotaging.

1. Your Self-worth is low

You think yourself undeserving of above average achievements. Driven people work diligently towards the achievement of their most urgent goals because they understand their own inadequacies. It’s that simple, you might not think very highly of yourself.

2. You feel incompetent and incapable

When we don’t know what to expect, and lack firm, actionable plans for each step we take, we tend to feel less confident about what we’re doing. Because of this we often retreat, feeling incompetent and incapable, and therefore continue to prioritize activities and tasks that are not part of the bottom line.

3. You want overnight success.

Because small incremental wins “may” lead you to success, it’s hard to commit to something that doesn’t have a guarantee. You easily…



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